• Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (map)
  • 525 South Hewitt Street
  • Los Angeles, CA, 90013
  • United States

About this event

The temptation of creating the next ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has organizations swinging for the "viral" fences. Yet for every Ice Bucket Challenge, hundreds of well-executed campaigns fail to reach critical mass. Why? Cause campaigns are in an arms race to compete for the increasingly finite attention of constituents. As a result, campaign predictability is going down at the very moment accountability is on the rise for NPO and marketing leaders. 

What if your cause campaign is too important to leave to chance? 

We share how Bright Pink gave up on going viral and found success in building a data-driven, ad-supported impact model that inspired over 100,000 millennial women to complete a five minute, 18-question cancer risk assessment in 2015... and how we'll bring it to hundreds of thousands more in 2016.