• GA Assembly (map)
  • 1520 2nd Street
  • Santa Monica, CA, 90401
  • United States

About this event

Join Los Angeles Inbound Marketing Meetup & LA Hubspot Users Group Combined meeting on marketing for the 21st Century. Learn and explore what works now and will work in the future for Marketing. Always remember the ZMOT (Google it). Old School Outbound Marketing is gone. Inbound Marketing triumphs as more cost effective and Sales effective. This is about winning in the market place with state of the art techniques for success. More Leads and higher lead to customer close ratio.

The LA HUG is designed to allow those interested in the techniques, methods and concepts of Inbound Marketing to discuss and learn about Inbound Marketing. Whether a beginner or advanced user.


  • Check-in

  • Introduction of all those present

  • Presentation: Sales in the Era of Inbound Marketing - Where do they Connect

  • Q & A - Using Hubspot Projects - Smarketing

  • Q & A - Update on Inbound 2016

  • Discuss Next Meeting Topics