• 8th Light (map)
  • 241 South Figueroa Street, Suite 240
  • Los Angeles, CA, 90012
  • United States

Leader: Dave Moore

Proficiency in any modern computing language. Bring a laptop to code on.


Many of today's software bugs occur when two software applications are integrated with one another and unexpected behavior in one application causes issues in the other. This workshop will teach attendees how to build integration points that are resilient to these types of situations. They will learn how to gracefully fail when a dependent application isn't acting as it should.

This workshop will flex your integration muscles. I've built an API that allows various clients to mine for gold. However, I was very mischievous when building the API. In order to successfully integrate with this API, you'll have to employ many of the tactics that will be covered at the beginning of the session.

After introducing the group to some relevant concepts, we'll break out into teams and start building applications that integrate with the gold mining API. As you use the API more, you'll discover what sort of things you'll need to protect against. After a set period of time, the teams will compete and see who's application can mine the most gold the fastest. Winning team gets a prize.